Sanitation Section

The Board is responsible for overall sanitation of the Cantonment area such as garbage lifting, waste disposal, cleaning of drains, public roads & various public places. The sanitation section of Cannanore Cantonment Board look after areas such as public roads &places, waste disposal, cleaning of drains and garbage lifting. In order to provide a clean and safe environment, the Board started door to door collection in Civil and Military areas in 2016.The board started segregation of waste from 15 May,2017. The Board also provided two dust bins to all the houses in Cantonment area to segregate the biodegradable and non biodegaradable waste at source.Cannanore Cantonment is maintaining over 120 dustbins and 35 manpower for provisioning of conservancy services. Cannanore Cantonment Board is implementing guidelines issued by the Ministry of Urban Development under Swachh Bharat Mission. Regular cleaning drives with public participation are being encouraged. Further, the Cantonment Board realizes need for waste recycling plants for better handling of MSW as an initiative towards zero waste Cantonment. Board has approved establishing of solid waste management plants for conversion of waste to organic compost/energy, conversion of plastic waste to fuel and conversion of horticulture waste to bio fuel. Currently the Overseer cum Drafts Man is supervising the duties of this section, there are three Sanitary Jamadars and 25 safaiwalas working in the military conservancy and civil conservancy of the Board.

Citizens Responsibilities:
1. The citizens are responsible for deposit of garbage at the dust bins provided by the Board.
2. The citizens shall not use or permited to use as latrines or urinal any place not intended for the purpose.
3. The occupier of all Bungalow/Houses will keep their premises neat and clean.