Cannanore Cantonment

"Cannanore is a Great Emporium of Spice Trade."
European Traveller, Marco Polo

The Spice trade developed into deep interest & keen competition by Dutch, French and Portuguese, who later sold their interest to Ali Raja of Kannur, only to lease it to the British in 1790. The Kannur Cantonment (or Cannanore Cantonment the old English name), situated in Burnassery or Burnshire(the anglicized name) declared as Cantonment w.e.f. 1-1-1938. This is the only cantonment in Kerala state, onMalabar West Coast. Western and Southern Boundaries aligned by Arabian sea; Rest is abutting to Kannur Municipality. Total population is 4798 as per 2011 census.The Cannanore Cantonment comes under category III which includes 6 wards & consist of ex-officio, nominated / elected members. The Cantonment was a military camp for Portuguese, Dutch and British rulers. It is the Headquarters of Defence Security Corps now.The Cantonment at Kannur falls in the Class III category. Defence Offices such DSC Centre, DSC Record, Pay accounts office DSC and DPDO KANNUR are located here.It is home to St. Angelo Fort, Holy Trinity Cathedraland St. Thomas Orthodox Church.


The Kannur Cantonment was established in the 19th century by the British. Cantonments were established during the British era usually in their military areas where both civilian and military personnel resided. It was under the control of the Arakkal Kingdom until 1909, when the Arakkal Beevi, Rani Imbichi Adi-Raja Bibi lost it to the British. After Indian Independence, the Kannur Cantonment came under the control of the Indian Army. Today, the Kannur Cantonment is a prominent and strategic location for the Indian armed forces.


One of the famous Anglo Indian Schools are situated in and around the Cantonment;St Michael's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School Kannur. St Teresa's Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School Kannur. Other schools are the Ursuline Convent School, B E M P Upper Primary School, St Peter's Lower Primary School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army School and Premier English School.