The Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI) is an Act of the Parliament of India "to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens".Under the provisions of the Act, any citizen may request information from a "public authority" (a body of Government or "instrumentality of State") which is required to reply expeditiously or within thirty days. The Act also requires every public authority to computerize their records for wide dissemination and to pro-actively publish certain categories of information so that the citizens need minimum recourse to request for information formally. This law was passed by Parliament on 15 June 2005 and came fully into force on 12 October 2005.

RTI Authorities

Central Public Information Officer

Shri. Nikhil Dinesh
Office Superintendent
Office of the Cantonment Board
Kannur - 670017   Ph:04972731086.

Appellate Authority

Dr. Vinod Vikneswaran A
Chief Executive Officer
Office of the Cantonment Board
Kannur - 670017   Ph:04972731086.

Status of RTI Application

Sl.No. Applicant Subject/ U/S of RTI Act Date of Receipt Status/Details
109-11-2017 dated 30-11--0001
2Shri.Reghunathan K.P. Quintessence,Wellesly road,kannur-670013Sec 7(5)23-08-2017VI/RTI/2011-Vol.III dated 27-09-2017
3Shri.Reghunathan K.P. Quintessence,Wellesly road,kannur-670013Sec 7(5)21-08-2017VI/RTI/2011-Vol.III dated 27-09-2017
4Shri.Dhanesh D Amin Veli House,Asramam Ward,Avalookkunnu P.O. Alappuzha-688006Sec 7(5)15-08-2017VI/RTI/2011-Vol.III dated 23-09-2017
5E.K SuhasKumar c/o PK Prakash,Shelter Chandan Road,Talap,kannur-2Sec 7(5)08-08-2017VI/RTI/2011-Vol.III dated 11-09-2017
6Shri.Reghunathan K.P. Quintessence,Wellesly road,kannur-670013Information under RTI Act 200509-06-2017VI/RTI/2011-Vol.II dated 11-07-2017
7Sri. V.Andrews, Kannur -13copy of application of Bexi stanislas27-04-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 29-04-2017
8Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Kannur - 13Copying fee26-04-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 24-05-2017
9Ms. Hyinth Rozario, House No. 169/B, Burnacherry, Kannur -13copy of sanction plan of House No. 169/A24-04-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 26-04-2017
10Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Kannur - 13Copy of CBR No. 19, 17-02-201718-04-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 15-05-2017
11Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Kannur - 13Information about board meeting17-04-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 15-05-2017
12Ms. Hyinth Rozario, Kannur -13Sec. 7(5)24-03-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 18-04-2017
13Ms. Hyinth Rozario, House No. 169/B, Burnacherry, Kannur -13request to pay the amount of copying fee24-03-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 18-04-2017
14Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Quintessence, Wellesly Road, Kannur - 13Sectioon 26722-03-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 18-04-2017
15Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Quintessence, Wellesly Road, Kannur - 13About shop auction21-02-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 17-03-2017
16Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Quintessence, Wellesly Road, Kannur - 15copy of NOC from KCZMA13-02-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 07-03-2017
17Sri. Babu.K, Kandappam House, Mathodam, Kannandiparambainformation about auto stand in Cannanore Cantonment18-01-2017VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 13-02-2017
18Sri. Sudheer Kakkarakkal, Savitha Nivas, Baby Beach, Burnachery P.O., Kannur - 13About Election07-11-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 16-12-2016
19Kerala State Human Rights Commission, Thiruvanantthapuramapplication of Raghunathan K.P02-11-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 26-11-2016
20Sri. Raghunathan.K.P, Quintessence, Wellesly Road, Kannur - 14regarding the matter related SSO22-08-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 22-09-2016
21Adv. E.R.Vinod, Room No. 67, Stadium Complex, Kannur- 1information about the building in Kilasi Line12-08-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 09-09-2016
22Sri. E.K.Suhas Kumar, C/o P.K.Prakash, Shelter, Chandan Road, Talap, Kannur -2Sec. 7(5)16-07-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 22-08-2016
23Adv. T.C.Anurag, Trade Centre complex, Yoga Sala Road, Kannur - 1about E.K.Nayanar Memmorial Trust30-05-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 29-06-2016
24Sri. C.P.Sajit, Tapasya, Manakkat, P.O.Karivellur, Kannur - 670521about E.K.Nayanar Memmorial Trust11-04-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 02-05-2016
25E.Prakashan, Erummal House, Moonnutnirath (3 Roads), Azhikode P.O., Kannur - 9Sec. 7(5)20-03-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 20-04-2016
26Smt. K. Vijayamma, Amin Veli House, Asramam Ward, Avalookkunnu P.O., Alappuzha- 688006request to pay the amount of copying fee22-02-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 26-02-2016
27P.Zubair Haji, Reenas, Thavakkara Road, P.O.Civil Station Kannur, Kannur -1CRZ clearence of Choice Sea Side Hotel22-01-2016VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 23-02-2016
28Sri. E.K.Suhas Kumar, C/o Prakash, Shelter, Chandan Road, Talap, Kannur - 2Sec. 7(5)18-08-2015VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 28-05-2016
29Sri. E.K.Suhas Kumar, C/o Prakash, Shelter, Chandan Road, Talap, Kannur - 3request to pay the amount of copying fee18-08-2015VI/RTI/2011 - Vol - III dated 06-05-2016